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Our Story

Gaviota Givings LLC is a family owned and operated business started in August of 2016.  Although only recently incorporated, Gaviota Givings is housed on the Orella Ranch which has been owned by our family since 1866.  For a more detailed history of Orella Ranch click here as well as some great vintage photos .

Gaviota Givings specializes in pasture raised animals with specialty crops on the horizon.  We currently raise pigs, chickens and cows all on pasture.  Read more about our animals here.    The operation is run by the Tautrim family, Guner, Heidi and their two boys Sequoia and Kai.  The patriarch of the family, Mark Tautrim, also helps keep the ranch running smoothly.  

The impetus for us to start this business was a desire to be good stewards of the land.  With a history of over 150 years in the family, and currently raising the 7th generation on the same piece of paradise, we feel a strong obligation to be the best stewards we can.  As a permaculture student, teacher and practitioner we have spent the last decade doing the first and foremost permaculture principle: long and protracted observation.  Understanding your site, local conditions as well as honoring your  own context is what it is all about.  While doing this we have been actively educating ourselves.  No doubt we are influenced by the many great teachers that have so graciously shared their knowledge with us.  There are many but a shout out to some of our favorites is provided here so you to may be inspired by what they share.

Darren and Lisa Doherty : Regrarians.  Whole Farm designs 

Elaine Ingham: Soilfood web

Holistic Management and the Savory Institute (Spencer Smith, Kirk Gadzia)

Loren Luyendyk: Santa Barbara Organics 

The whole family at Quail Spring Permaculture Farm

The Occidental Art and Ecology Center

Penny Livingston: Regenerative Designs Institute

Larry Santoyo: The Permaculture Academy 

Through observing the land and educating ourselves on the best stewardship options we are actively pursuing our dreams of leaving this land better than we found it.  In doing so we are producing some incredible products that we are excited to offer to you.  Please join us in being part of the solution! 

Our Story: About Us
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