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Gaviota Givings

Pasture raised pork, chicken and beef

Grown on the Gaviota Coast from the historic Orella Ranch, we pride ourselves on animal welfare and land stewardship


Grown and Gathered in Gaviota

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to support this great event.

Special shout out to Matt Minkus and Captain Fatty's Brewery for the following photos and to the special people who made it all happen:

Alex at Frecker Farms, Steve at Santa Barbara Wood Fired, JT and Lily Beggs, Charlie Collyard, Tristan Cole Falek, Cole Cloud and Jeronimo at Casitas Valley Pastures.


For Sale!!

Piglets (weaner) $50 each

Pasture raised on the Gaviota Coast.  These Berkshire cross piglets will be ready for a good home on
October 15. 
Call 805.698.8823 now!